More College Medical Imaging Schools


November 9, 2015

Here is another great site(tool) for searching detailed information about Colleges
and their curriculum… online and off.

There’s only so many medical imaging schools covered on CollegeAtlas.org,
but there are a number of “healthcare-related” degrees that are offered.

The Home page has a search for finding the best, affordable College options…
and after you make your choices it actually picks the most-related College for you.

Then you fill out your information, for free… Someone qualified should then get
in touch with you.

You can tick ‘yes’ to receive texts and calls for future news… Be careful not to
end up dodging those for months…I’m using Unroll.Me for that.

Be patient with the ‘affordable college options’ search box…it sticks sometimes
when trying to choose a ‘subject.’

But CollegeAtlas.org isn’t just a search tool, it’s really a College community –
with more of a ‘one-on-one’ student service .

Learn more about CollegeAtlas.org

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