X-ray Computed Tomography

November 28, 2015

Also known as a “CT Scan or CAT Scan.” X-ray computed tomography basically is a great number of little virtually recorded x-ray images taken of a specific area from the ‘whole’ scanned area of a body or object. A computer stores and retrieves these processed images to look inside the specific area of a body or object… without doing any surgical procedure.

So fluoroscopy, like X-ray tomography and radiography (See radiography), produce images using x-rays. X-ray tomography puts all those combinations of images and concentrates on a specific area of the object or body. Radiography uses film to capture still images. Fluoroscopy captures ‘real-time’ moving images inside a body or object. Of course nowadays, all three are digitized (See digital imaging).

CT Scanning today generates 3D images from the computer.